Rosanna's training to feel 'refreshed'...erm not sure I'm feeling that refreshed yet, but feeling a bit more reenergised. However, that could be the apple & blueberry cake I just had...oops. Well Zachary has a cold and up every couple of hours so I think I deserved it, that & the 2 coffees I had this morning. I am happy to not put pressure on myself & the amount of walking I do with this heavy lump on me I need a few more calories.

However, my diet has been quite good. Lots of salads, water & veggies...with a few tea & biscuits when needed.

Haven't made it to training with Jack this week, but in for what I imagine will be a tough session tomorrow morning. Uh oh! I do kinda look forward to it though, in some strange way.

Yoga is great (of course) feeling stronger with each practice. I have to tell you that without yoga I may be screaming at every passer &/or hiding away in my bed. Being a new Mum is tough!! But with the patience & awareness yoga has bought me over the years I can deal with the anxieties, constant worries & lack of sleep. I feel in control most of the time, and one little smile from my gorgeous boy makes all those waking hours worth it. So if you are feeling like you can't cope, or unsure of yourself or just need some time to yourself, as a new Mum or just anyway I can say with such honesty and true conviction 'yoga will help you'

So I look forward to seeing you in class where we can together let go of unnecessary worry & doubt & be happy. 


Peace & lots of love 💚