Can't believe I'm going to be 32 tomorrow?! When did that happen. I'm still lucky enough to be friends with my school friends after 17+ years, so I think in our minds we look the same & we definitely act the same. Still climbing through windows if dared, laughing uncontrollably at each other's (probably unfunny) jokes, loving each other like only girlfriends can!

Anyhow....I realised yesterday that when I told myself I wasn't doing the nutrition side of my training just yet. i.e eating cake as and when I wanted, I went the other way and ate more cake! So after this weekend (it is my birthday) I'll try to cut back on the sweeter things. I totally blame the cold that my son has for this, cold=more wake time in the night=tired Mummy=eat sweet things. So as he improves I'm sure my diet will too.

2 weeks into back to work life & I'm getting into the swing of things. I admit it threw me at first, but now I feel Zak can cope without me (or mainly by breasts) for longer I can teach without worry (or too much anyway) Classes have been busy & the energy has been so positive...what a job I have!

My training yesterday was a killer...for some reason Jack reckons you have to put up the weights to see improvement?!

3 generations in the gym...

My mum, me & Zachary

My mum, me & Zachary

Peace & love yogis 🙏