So one week into the 'transformation' and I've eaten more cake this weekend than in the last 11 months 🙈... oops. Well it was my sisters hen do. Great weekend away in the Cotswolds.

I think perhaps transformation is the wrong word...maybe we should call it 're-energising' or 'returning' or 'revitalising'? As I'm not looking to 'transform' my body or myself, I am looking to get myself feeling strong, energised & healthy whilst breast feeding & looking after my baby. 

So back to it this week, the cake isn't completely off the table now...just at the weekends. And the coffee is definitely not off the table...just down to one a day. 

I already feel stronger from getting back to my yoga practice, with such a warm welcome back to it last week...all classes were busy & full of such smiley yogis. I loved it! This week we will focus on opening those emotional hips and letting go, stimulating the muladhara & svadisthana chakras.

Training with Jack is going well, my PT holds my baby whilst I work out! Perfect. 

Feeling strong & looking forward to another week of yoga, training & most importantly being a mum. 

See you in class soon.